thesixtyone. what happened?

Over the last year or so i’ve given my fair share of free promotion to a site that used to be one of my favorite music websites. that is until they broke it. well they did more than just break it. they also managed to alienate their most fervent supporters. t61 was (note past […]

a video a week. a song a week.

So I took a look back at the last 10 years and realized that I’ve only released maybe 30 songs. On one hand I’m happy that I’ve had the opportunity to create this music, collaborate with others and even just have some gear in this small bedroom studio. On the other hand, 30 songs in […]

Magnetic particles encased in plastic

Over the last year or so I’ve been trying to get rid of stuff. Stuff I never look at, stuff I don’t need, stuff that’s just sitting in a box. After a while it just starts to feel like extra weight, like a burden. Maybe with the exception of the instruments in my studio, I […]

2008 sucked, 2008 rocked

2008 is almost over, finally. 2008 sucked. 2008 was the year of relationship and family bullshit. 2008 is the year of narcissistic fuckups. 2008 is yet another year of wanting to get the fuck out of LA. 2008 was a year of severing some ties, burning some bridges and building a few new ones. 2008 […]

Figuring stuff out on my road trip.

So this year has started off to a bit of a mess musically. New album is still not quite finished! The guy I was hoping would mix the album needed to back out. And I’ve been trying to work with an indie label over the last couple years and we just never seemed to get […]

Maybe you can help.

So I’m ramping up to get my new album finished and out into the world. The thing is I’m not sure exactly how I should do it. I really like the idea of a CD and album artwork and something that you tangible that you can hold onto, and the full-length album experience. Maybe I’m […]

mixing the new songs. live show.

I can’t believe that Don’t Die came out nearly 4 years ago. I have been working on new songs and writing and recording but sometimes the shit in my life piles up and I can’t quite get everything finished. But I’m finally there, 10 songs recorded and almost ready to go. Still putting the final […]

5-star songs

ok, so i’m sitting here at work, and i should probably be working. but instead of in addition to working i am making a list of some of the 5-star songs on my itunes. so if I were stuck on a desert island, would i want a disc of all these songs? Well i looked […]