2008 is almost over, finally.

2008 sucked.

2008 was the year of relationship and family bullshit.

2008 is the year of narcissistic fuckups.

2008 is yet another year of wanting to get the fuck out of LA.

2008 was a year of severing some ties, burning some bridges and building a few new ones.

2008 was the year of asbestos removal.

2008 was the year of rescuing and rehabilitating a dog that almost got killed by by a car.

(photo by phil hilfiker)

2008 rocked.

2008 was my year to actually touch a California gray whale, in the wild.

2008 was the year of road trips across the US to Massachusetts and NYC.

2008 was a year to be proud of my country yet extremely disappointed in my state.

2008 was a year of being fortunate enough to legally drive as fast as I want.

2008 was redemption for pissing away the last few years musically, and finally getting my new album released.

2008 was the year of shooting my first music video.

2008 was a year that I wouldn’t really want to repeat, but I will strangely miss it.

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