I can’t believe that Don’t Die came out nearly 4 years ago. I have been working on new songs and writing and recording but sometimes the shit in my life piles up and I can’t quite get everything finished. But I’m finally there, 10 songs recorded and almost ready to go. Still putting the final touches on some vocals, and then it’s off to meet with producer Chris Fudurich (Nada Surf, Jimmy Eat World) to provide his expertise with mixing and production. I like the sound I get in my little 8’x8′ bedroom studio but it’s nice to have someone that I trust stick their ears to it.

I’ll be playing some of the new songs at Crane’s Tavern in Hollywood, CA on Sunday March 16. I think I’ve finally worked the glitches out of my gear setup. Two digital Echoplexes and a bunch of pedals. No more acoustic guitar, I’ll be kicking it with my $150 Fender Toronado. Come on out and see some live loop versions of the songs and have a $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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  1. they’ll be some preview tracks up here soon! I need to pick a release date for the album. Guess I should sober up and figure this shit out.

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