The Road to Hana.

Song-a-week #4. Just finished a new song, “The Road to Hana”. The Road to Hana – DOWNLOAD you mustn’t be afraid of what’s to come the road is dark and there’s no turning back the whales will only guide you so far. but then you’re on your own, you must swim all the way. are […]

thesixtyone. what happened?

Over the last year or so i’ve given my fair share of free promotion to a site that used to be one of my favorite music websites. that is until they broke it. well they did more than just break it. they also managed to alienate their most fervent supporters. t61 was (note past […]

a video a week. a song a week.

So I took a look back at the last 10 years and realized that I’ve only released maybe 30 songs. On one hand I’m happy that I’ve had the opportunity to create this music, collaborate with others and even just have some gear in this small bedroom studio. On the other hand, 30 songs in […]

Lots of stuff going on!

This Is Old continues to weave it’s way through thar interwebs: – Read an interview, with, uh, me at – Holy crap, almost 1000 hearts for my song “Computer” on – Nice writeup over at – A nice piece all the way from Tel Aviv, courtesy of Laughing Evergreens Over 100 stations […]

New song. Kitchen rehearsal.

I’ve been playing around with a new live setup that includes a couple drums and keyboards, as well as guitar and my usual effects and looper pedals. I just wrote this song yesterday, still not 100% sure on the song title yet. I set up all of my crap in the kitchen and recorded a […]

New Matthew Larsen songs…

I took a road trip back in October, and when I was in Massachusetts I spent a couple days at Matthew Larsen’s old brick duplex in Holyoke and helped him record a few songs. Go to Matt’s site and listen to the new songs. Here’s Matt laying down some melodica.

The new album is almost here!

Less than a week until This Is Old is released. Pre-order sales of the new album have been great, they’re really piling up. Thanks so much everyone! Attention valued listeners: If you ordered a CD, it will be sent out soon, I’m just waiting for the bumper stickers to arrive so I can send those […]

Unreleased music: State Shirt’s metal alter-ego

Over the next few weeks I’m going to start posting a bunch of unreleased State Shirt songs. Well I can’t exactly say unreleased, because some have appeared on SongFight, but I’ve never really done much else with them. The first batch are totally unlike most State Shirt songs… occasionally I’ll get in a metal mood […]

Straw Man music video

Ok, i know this song isn’t exactly new. But we recently completed a music video for the song. Here it is, the official debut of the “Straw Man” music video. Hope you like it! Slightly higher res version is here!

A Muxtape for you

I’ve made a muxtape of some of my favorite songs. :::: Listen to my muxtape here Here’s what’s up there now. I think I’ll update with a new theme every few weeks: – The Helio Sequence – Nothing’s Ok : Everything’s Fine – Unkle – Rabbit In Your Headlights – R.E.M. – Walk Unafraid – […]