This Is Old continues to weave it’s way through thar interwebs:
Read an interview, with, uh, me at
Holy crap, almost 1000 hearts for my song “Computer” on
Nice writeup over at
A nice piece all the way from Tel Aviv, courtesy of Laughing Evergreens

Over 100 stations playing State Shirt
This Is Old continues to get played on college and independent radio across the US. Over 100 stations are playing new State Shirt music. The album hit #7 at KSLU St Louis, #26 at WAIH Postdam NY, #12 at WTTU Cookeville, TN, #28 at WFCS New Britain CT, #22 at WNHU West Haven CT, #13 at URH Hilo Hawaii, #18 WMXM at Lake Forest IL, #24 at Naperville IL, #15 at WCYT Fort Wayne IN, #24 at KSCL Shreveport LA, #27 at WMLN Milton MA, #27 at WUSB Stony Brook Ny, #10 at WBGU Bowling Green Oh, #13 at WPPJ Pittsburgh PA, and #18 WXJM Harrisonburg VA!

New Song
A few days ago I recorded a new song in my kitchen. Video is here. Song is below. Hope you like it.
State Shirt – Suffer Someday (Live)

A bunch of new remixes have come in. Here are just a few. Remix contest winner will be announced shortly!
Diode (Terry Burton) – Computer (Analog Mix by Diode)
The Orchestral Movement of 1932 – Conway Station Road (The Next Train Mix)
Show Your Shoe – Fell Out Of The Sky (Show Your Shoe remix)
Teru – Enter…
Decaying_Machine – Chemma Chi [dark times machine rmx]
Ballzac – Fell Out Of The Sky (commercial dance remix)
Christof Barber – Computer (Christof Barber remix)

I remixed myself
Is it a faux pas to remix yourself? A couple days ago I created a mashup of several Vidian songs with my song “Life Isn’t Everything”. It also features vocals from c.layne, Brad Sucks and Kristen Hersh for good measure. Definitely doesn’t sound like State Shirt– has more of a Daft Punk feel.
State Shirt – Almost Alive (mash-up)

More songs to remix
A few more songs are available for remixing. Source files for Life Isn’t Everything, Don’t Die and Edison’s Medicine are available for downloading here.

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  1. I also need to get better about remixing stuff. I’ve wanted to remix some of your songs for years but somehow your contest wasn’t enough of an inspiration for me to finally do it.

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