Lots of stuff going on!

This Is Old continues to weave it’s way through thar interwebs: – Read an interview, with, uh, me at masslive.com – Holy crap, almost 1000 hearts for my song “Computer” on thesixtyone.com – Nice writeup over at buzzbands.la – A nice piece all the way from Tel Aviv, courtesy of Laughing Evergreens Over 100 stations […]

Some recent web rumblings…

Creative Commons is all warm and cuddly with my Call for Remixes/Samples. Thanks to Laptop Rockers for giving the remix contest some love and affection. Yay, I’m on Song-A-Day again! Nice review on Comfort Comes. “an album that’s fresh-sounding but also comfy as your favorite sweatshirt”. Very comfortable. Speaking of being comfortable, Comfort Music posted […]

A Muxtape for you

I’ve made a muxtape of some of my favorite songs. :::: Listen to my muxtape here Here’s what’s up there now. I think I’ll update with a new theme every few weeks: – The Helio Sequence – Nothing’s Ok : Everything’s Fine – Unkle – Rabbit In Your Headlights – R.E.M. – Walk Unafraid – […]

Band of robots

My friend Ross sent this to me, he saw it over at the MatrixSynth site. YouTube video is via musica95. A band with a robot guitarist? Pretty cool. A band with a robot drummer? Neato. How about a band with a robot vocalist? That’s pretty amazing. This artist (Maywa Denki) has found a way to […]

Ted Stevens / Sufjan Stevens

I thought it would be cool if Alaska senator Ted Stevens and indie-rocker Sufjan Stevens joined forces to form an action hero team. Since I wasn’t able to actually make this happen, I decided to waste some time and do a few sketches of them both. Luckily my brother turned this into something much cooler. […]