AcidPlanet remix contest

Remix my song “Fell Out Of The Sky” and get entered to win a bunch of stuff! Grand prize winner will receive: Sony ACID Pro (MSRP $499), Five Loop Libraries (MSRP $499) and a bunch of merchandise from me. Contest ends Friday April 17! Create a remix and enter the contest!

Lots of stuff going on!

This Is Old continues to weave it’s way through thar interwebs: – Read an interview, with, uh, me at – Holy crap, almost 1000 hearts for my song “Computer” on – Nice writeup over at – A nice piece all the way from Tel Aviv, courtesy of Laughing Evergreens Over 100 stations […]

You Make a Super Badass Remix Contest

Over the last couple months, there have been over 70 remixes of State Shirt songs that have been made by people all over the world, and it’s been really cool to hear everyone’s take on the music. Since it’s been going so well, I figured hey why not have another remix contest? Well here it […]

No remixing. Rare interview with David Lee Roth by Steven Colbert.

Ok. I’ll admit, I was a little bit bored this evening. Steven’s interview with creative commons czar Lawrence Lessig inspired me to do a bit of remixing on my own. Although this particular remix may not technically be legal depending on how you look at it. Originals are here and here.

End of ’08. Plans for ’09

So some nice things have happened in the last few weeks. I’ve been lucky enough to have remixers from all over the world create some truly great remixes of my music. Here are just a few of my recent faves: Chris Fudurich – Fell Out Of The Sky v03 DoKashiteru – I Fell Out Of […]

REMIX xirem mxier mixer irexm

You still have 8 days left to enter the Remix Contest and be entered to win a Line 6 POD Studio UX2. Create your remix of a State Shirt song and send it my way. And make sure to head over to RemixFight. My song “This Is Old” is part of RemixFight #0076! Put up […]

The remixes are rolling in…

I just created a Remix page that features all of the remixes that have been coming in over the last few days. I’ll continue to update the page as more roll in. Here are a few: DoKashiteru – I Fell Out Of The Sky – This one is just amazing. Chris Fudurich – Fell Out […]

Remix contest!

Ok. I’m giving away a brand spankin new Line 6 POD Studio UX2 recording interface ($200 value!) for the best remix that comes in. All you need to do is: 1. Create a super badass remix of one of my songs (or several remixes, there is no limit). Source files are here. 2. Submit the […]

This Is Old updates

OMG!!111 This Is Old is making it around thar interwebs. Eric R Danton of the Hartford Courant likes it ccMixter is running a call for remixes and samples. First remix is in! On iTunes now! Pensatos says some nice things I guess I’m a rock sellout mentioned the ccMixter remix thing. I need to […]

Remix me and I’ll remix you.

Download the audio source files from my new album and go crazy, have fun, make some remixes. Then post your remix and your own samples on ccMixter or send them to me and I’ll use your audio to create my next album! Call for Remixes Remix a song, post it on ccMixter, and let me […]