So some nice things have happened in the last few weeks. I’ve been lucky enough to have remixers from all over the world create some truly great remixes of my music. Here are just a few of my recent faves:

Chris Fudurich – Fell Out Of The Sky v03
DoKashiteru – I Fell Out Of The Sky – ccMixter editor’s pick!
DJ Rkod – Chemma Chi (Disturbed) – contest winner!
Spinmeister – Time To Go West
Scott Altham – Fell Out Of The Sky (Hard Pushed Edit)
Sporkboy – Computer-Sporkboy’s vocal exploits mix
Decaying_Machine – Computer [decaying machine remix]
Ditto Ditto – Up, Up, Up
Fourstones – Fell Out Of The Sky (Treatment)
DoKashiteru – Chemma Chi (Down Mix)
Blitch Bango – I Hate California (Blitch Bango Remix)

There’s also nice writeup of my music up at Jamendo. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to offer my music for free and still have some of you come back here and pay me for it. Thank you for that. And I’m happy to say that This Is Old continues to receive a lot of college radio airplay… it’s on over 100 stations across the US and and several internationally as well.

2009, you’re giving me a lot to think about. And a lot to do. There will be more remix contests, here and on I’d also like to work with remixers out there to get a remix CD pressed. Planning a spring ’09 tour of the US, booking that now. Contact me if you want me to come to your town. And of course, I’ll be compiling all of your audio samples on my new album, created entirely with audio by you. Be a part of the album.

Happy new year.

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