Download the audio source files from my new album and go crazy, have fun, make some remixes. Then post your remix and your own samples on ccMixter or send them to me and I’ll use your audio to create my next album!

Call for Remixes

Remix a song, post it on ccMixter, and let me know. I’ll feature all of the remixes on and will be rewarding the best and most creative remixes with a few goodies and a spot on a (future) This Is Old remix album. Submit a remix before Nov 17 and be entered to win a Line 6 POD Studio UX2. Remix early and remix often!

Call for Samples

I’m creating a new album of music comprised entirely of Creative Commons licensed audio samples. It will be a process of merging, tweaking, remixing and piecing together all of your work. Could be drumbeats, guitar parts, a cappella vocals, noises, accordion, part of a song you never finished, screaming, spoken words, whatever you want to send. Submit audio samples for this project on ccMixter or send them my way. Thanks!

Audio Source files

Audio source files for the new album are now available. This includes every instrument, loop and vocal track. Have fun!

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