Here is a looping improv I recorded yesterday.

My live setup is constantly evolving, but I do tend to keep a few things as part of my basic arsenal: two Gibson/Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro units, a Line 6 DL4 delay modeler and expression pedal, Line 6 AM4, Boss DF-2, Line 6 Echo Park, el cheapo Tapco mixer, and a Behringer FCB1010.

This video has a pedal/foot cam for the people who have been asking about my looping setup… Anyone have any other questions about the setup or looping in general? Please comment below!

UPDATE 3/29/10: It seems like a lot of people are finding this page by searching for ‘Echoplex Digital Pro Manual’ so I figure I’ll post a link to the user guide here. This is for the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus: PDF, 1.7MB, 310 pages. DOWNLOAD HERE.

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  1. Brian really like your looping music. I was very happy see you using two EDP’s, I guess in stereo mode. I have the same setup myself but my standard Gibson foot pedal stopped working. I saw you using the FCB1010. I brought one on eBAY but I have no idea how to progam it for the EDP. Can’t seem to find any good information in cyber space. My search brought me to you. I’m an Old Time looper at 59 but not very good with this tech stuff. Could you help me out and send the setup or what to do please I’m lost without my foot controller help!!!!!

    Here hoping this reaches you – Thanks BART

  2. Love your sound and am amazed at what you do with the looper. I just wrote to you last night on YouTube with a couple questions, then tonight I found you here and saw this video – very awesome, and it does shed some light on your looping process 🙂

    Do you use the two echoplexes for the purpose of recording in stereo? Or does it enable you to record and overdub separate whole song sections (like you do in this video, recording and layering the first section of the song, then switching it up entirely with the middle section, and then returning to the first part again at the end)?

    Gez, I hope I’m not being a pest at all, but… yeah I guess I’m a little obsessed 😎 Anyway, no rush to respond – thanks again for your time 🙂


  3. I am writing, but my jaw is still flat on the floor! The guy is a multitrack studio on two legs in real time. Amazing and inspiring for an aging musician/recordist who has been wondering where his get up and go… went 🙂 BTW: I guess I didnt realize how many of us have boxes of old 4track tapes sitting round gathering dust. I have had about two dozen sitting on the kitchen counter now for several months, thinking I might put the stuff out on cdbaby or something (those songs that pass muster anyway). Maybe this will be the kick I need to get rolling on that and make it happen.

    Best of luck to you, and if youre ever in the Mystic CT area, let be buy you a Sam Adams lite.

    peace and be well -Dane

  4. hi dane, thanks so much for the kind words. if i have a show anytime soon in the CT area, i’ll take you up on the Sam Adams offer!

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