Electronic “Disappointed” cover

I just finished recording a cover of Electronic’s “Disappointed”. I had never even heard the original song until about a month ago. Hell I had never even heard of the band. But there was something really good at the core of this song and I wanted to try a version of my own. In case […]

Slap Chop remix video – “I Am A Target”

Long story short: – I was inspired by Steve Porter’s Slap Chop infomercial remix featuring Vince Offer of ShamWow! fame. – Decided it was necessary to create a State Shirt Slap Chop remix. And submit it to SongFight. And create a music video. In 7 days. Here are the results. MP3 of the song “I […]

Fell Out Of The Sky music video

We just finished up the music video for the song Fell Out Of The Sky. Shot over the course of 6 days in the Los Angeles area. Directed and edited by Angela Heine, camera by Ben Clemons, FX and some more editing by me. Many thanks to all the actors: Darlene Weege, Priscilla Amador, Sean […]

Music video shoot – final day

After four very full and busy days, the shooting for the “Fell Out Of The Sky” music video has come to an end. Today was the greatly anticipated party scene, which wouldn’t have been possible without all of our friends, who had to take a break from their busy lives to eat, drink and be […]

Music video shoot – day 3

Holy crap today was a lengthy and intense day of filming! Tomorrow is the last day, the big fancy party scene. Here are a few photos from today:

Music video shoot – day 2

So the second day of shooting has come to an end. We got some amazing shots and the actors were all outstanding. One more weekend of filming coming up, and then we’re off to editing! Here are some photos of the day:

Music video shoot – day 1

Today was the first day of filming for the “Fell Out Of The Sky” music video! The unbearable smoke and ash from the Sylmar fire forced us to change ALL of our locations today, but we were fortunate to find some great alternate locations. All of the actors and crew were great! More shooting tomorrow, […]

New Album.

New State Shirt album will be titled This is Old. Release date will be chosen very soon. Working on obtaining amazing photography for the album artwork. Had a sick fucking dream last night, hoping I can scrounge up enough money to turn it into a music video. More soon.

Straw Man music video

Ok, i know this song isn’t exactly new. But we recently completed a music video for the song. Here it is, the official debut of the “Straw Man” music video. Hope you like it! Slightly higher res version is here!