We just finished up the music video for the song Fell Out Of The Sky.

Shot over the course of 6 days in the Los Angeles area. Directed and edited by Angela Heine, camera by Ben Clemons, FX and some more editing by me.

Many thanks to all the actors: Darlene Weege, Priscilla Amador, Sean Vega, Janet Consolver, Terry Burton, Bonnie Buckner, Jack Heine, Jinna Kim, Ho Yip Lui, David Patrikios, Samantha Sakabu, Ed Sakabu, Mary O’Reilly and Joshua Chisolm. And thanks to the partygoers: Chris Fudurich, Rachel Cruz, Chad Baker, Erik Tarkiainen, Ashley Tarkiainen, Jaspr, Kyle Tarkiainen, Alexis Sakabu, Lisa Sakabu, Fred Sakabu, Alexis Bright, Katherine Chisolm, Margie Chisolm, Cicely Chisolm, Mark Tapio Kines, Miki Tapio Walsh, Holly Regino, Kevin Becker, Denise Stanlow, Amanda Stanlow, Kim Pendergest, Peter Pendergest, Christopher Avalos, Madeline Wright, Heather Luyando and Cassidy Luyando.

Music inspired by last words on the black box data recorder from Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 airplane crash, September 25, 1978. link at planecrashinfo.com

Here’s some photos from the video shoot. More photos are here, here, here and here.

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