New Matthew Larsen songs…

I took a road trip back in October, and when I was in Massachusetts I spent a couple days at Matthew Larsen’s old brick duplex in Holyoke and helped him record a few songs. Go to Matt’s site and listen to the new songs. Here’s Matt laying down some melodica.

Dan Friel, Bromp Treb, Diagram A, Urthquake show

Was lucky to see a great show in Greenfield, MA when I was back there a few weeks ago. Was good to see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in years. Urthquake (Bob ex-Squidlaunch) started off the show with his noisy, guitar-loop-filled set, rockin the pointy-headstock guitar. Bromp Treb (featuring Neil of Fat Worm […]

Pre-ordering starts Thursday, October 23!

The last few months have been crazy. Been working like hell to finish the new album This is Old. Flew out to Massachusetts and had two friends (Matthew Larsen and Rebekah Dutkiewicz) contribute on a couple tracks. Spent some time shooting photos and working on the CD artwork. Got it mastered last month, and just […]

Road trip updates!

Well it ended up being too cold to camp, which means too cold to record any new songs while camping! I guess I’ll have to try out the State Shirt back country mobile recording studio some other day. Today I made it all the way out to Massachusetts. Traveled along some windy back roads and […]

New Album Updates

So there is a lot going on right now. Final mixes are off to Don C. Tyler for mastering. Looking forward to checking out his handiwork, since he has mastered a few albums that I love (Elliot Smith: XO, Figure 8, Hot Snakes Suicide Invoice). I know mastering is a subtle art, but if he […]