Here is the music video for my new song “Sorry I Ruined Your Life”. Working on a new album now! 🙂

buy buy  steal steal
[mp3j track=”Sorry I Ruined Your Life@″ flip=”y”]

This one was fun to put together. It started off as a simple video song in my studio. But the song is about destruction so it morphed into a music video with a sledgehammer and some busted walls. I built a $20 DIY Snorricam (see a photo on my Instagram page) and looked ridiculous while shooting a bunch of these scenes. Good thing I enjoy looking ridiculous. Thanks to Angela Heine for shooting the sledgehammer destruction scenes.


no more good ideas are
in my head i’ve spent them
all on other things I don’t care about

wasting away clearing leaves
out of gutters and cracked sidewalks
crumbling in my aging hands

don’t you see me
when we die you can blame me
don’t you hate me?

always thinking of how things could have been
or how they will be when
someone else solves this for me
forgetting there is a here and then.

anxious about things i’ve
never tried some slight guilt
about all the times I’ve lied
the times I’ve lied

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