I knew writing a song and creating a video every week in 2010 would be tough. The idea behind this was to get me back into writing and creating again. Which it has! Definitely! I haven’t slept much in the last two months. So after 8 songs and 8 videos, I’ve finally hit a wall where I’ve created a song that I’m not really that into. So it’s left me in a bit of a predicament. Do I go ahead and post my mediocre song just to say that I didn’t miss a week in my 2010 challenge? Or stab the song to death and never let it see the light of day?

Well this week I’m going with song death.

It’s not that the song is that terrible, I worked on it for the last 3 days, but it just didn’t seem to go anywhere. And I just kept adding more and more guitar parts to try to cover up the fact that it’s just not a very good song. Or at least I couldn’t figure out how to make it good.

So, while I’d really like to keep up with my song a week/video a week thing, I just can’t post a song that I’m not that into.

I’ll try not to miss many more weeks but I will miss this one. I’ll try again next week.

Time for another beer.


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