Some new drunk lyric ideas that I haven’t used yet.

Thank you for not caring.

so fucking high
80s dance party was a blur gone by
Morrissey kept me company for hours

walking the streets at night
La Brea streetlights always seemed so real to me
and in the miracle mile
i passed the tar pits where the world ended once before
i want it to end again tonight.
shadows of kids staring at bones
hollywood bitches creaming for franz kline
valley whores complaining about lichtenstein

i could waste away alone
leave me alone.
i’m here by myself for a reason.
asleep in a beverly hills park bathroom
just me and my suitcase
filled with my sketches of hope.

almost died last night. my eyes are tired
can’t look in the mirror anymore.
crawled away, fell into the seat.
she smiled and brought me coffee
that was all i needed.
I could live and die in LA
and no one would care and that’s what i wanted
and i don’t need to feel what you feel
every day when you slog to work.
i’m alive and dead.

these marks on my arm keep me aware
that i don’t want to be you.
i don’t need to be you.
you might call me lost
you might call me crazy
but i can lay here without worry.
thank you Los Angeles for not caring.

no plan, no way out for now.
i can be me.
even on the dirty corner of hoover and 8th,
i knew that i was nothing
and it was grand.

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