Here’s a song that I’d consider, using music industry vernacular, a “demo”. I wanted to start out with a completely ridiculous sound and try to turn it into a song. This is the result. Maybe this will turn into an album track, I’m not sure yet. Hope you enjoy checking out this work in progress. 🙂

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Gear list if you’re interested: Circular Labs Mobius looping software on my Macbook Pro. Vocals: Line 6 DL4 » Strymon TimeLine. Keys: Wurlitzer » Strymon BigSky. MIDI: Behringer FCB1010.

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  1. Was just watching your performance of Live Looping – A Happy Future, and am new to using looping effects, but am intrigued by the possibilities in the Timeline and other Strymon products. What would be really cool (and don’t know if this is at all possible), would be to add subtitles to your video that describes what you are doing in terms of the effects. How are you using the Behringer pedal board for instance. What are you changing on the Styrmon Timeline. Looks like you have two Timelines. How are you using them together?
    This would be very helpful for some of us newbies who are somewhat intimidated by all of these effects, but can see how they add color and texture to your music.

    Hope this isn’t a crazy thought, but I am sure it would be very educational.


    Central Coast, California

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