Hey. I just finished recording a cover of “Souvenir” by OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark). I’d consider this mix a “beta” mix, but it’s pretty close. Listen below:

[mp3j track=”Souvenir@/audio/unreleased/stateshirt_souvenir.mp3″ flip=”y”]


I haven’t created a music video for my cover version yet, but for the time being check out the original OMD video below. I’d like to do a similar video, except I’ll be driving my racecar wearing my full race gear and helmet. And instead of driving off into the distance at the end, I’ll do a bunch of donuts and smokey burnouts.

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  1. My favourite ever group, my second favourite song by them…..it could have all gone horribly wrong…it didn’t. Well done. Good cover.



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