I’m really excited about my new drum mic clips! Check them out! Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Really, a blog post about drum mic clips? And he’s excited about them? And I’m still reading this shit?” But, aren’t they, beautiful? They actually work!

Shure A56D drum mic clip

Ok, ok. So they just hold microphones above my drums so I can go on making my little songs. But wait, you see, the last 2 years of my life has been a never-ending spree of breaking these little fuckers.

Let me just say this. Do not ever, EVER buy the Samson DMC100 drum mic clip set. I made the sorry mistake of buying two 3-piece sets. I’ve gone through 6 of these. Every last one broke. You know, doing simple things, like, attaching it to the fucking drum or attaching a fucking microphone to the clip. If you like to start recording a drum track and get rudely interrupted because your SM57 is now dangling by your feet, then please go right ahead and buy these abysmal pieces of shit. In fact, I just broke one now trying to carefully remove it from my snare drum. I thought it would at least be worthy of a backup, but it can’t even manage to do that. (Oh, and the Audix mic clips suck too).

Samson DMC100 drum mic clip with Shure SM57

Finally, I found a set of drum mic clips that someone actually put a little thought into before manufacturing them. They’re rugged, sturdy, and very adjustable. Please, if you record drums and are in the market for a drum mic clip, buy the Shure A56D. It’s a beautiful thing. And yes, I am actually excited.

Shure A56D drum mic clip

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