I’ve had a bunch of people ask me what gear I use, so I took a couple photos of what I’m using these days. I invariably switch this up to try new things, so maybe tomorrow this will be outdated. I recently sold a lot of the studio stuff that I wasn’t using much. Sold my G5 and bought a Macbook– I really want a mobile setup so I can do some crazy shit like go camping and do some recording in a tent or in a state park. But anyway here is what I’m using in the studio right now:

Studio Setup
Studio setup

Apple MacBook, Digi 002, Line 6 PODxt, Reason 3, Fender Toronado, Peavey Predator, Gibson J30, pieced together POS Slingerland/Ludwig/Pearl drumset, Yamaha DX21, Dynaudio BM5A monitors, a few mics here and there (Rode, Sure, Sennheiser, AKG, Groove Tubes), a bunch of effects pedals and stupid kids toys

Live Setup
Live setup

My live setup is constantly changing. The live looping that I do during my shows has been the main reason for trying new setups up… Mostly I’m just trying to push the limits of the gear, but sometimes I just that I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing and end up with a setup that needs to be tweaked. So the stuff that I’m using now consists of two Gibson EchoPlex Digital Pro’s, my Fender Toronado, Line 6 DL4, Line 6 Echo Park, Line 6 AM4, Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, some cheapo Tapco mixer, Yamaha PSS140, and a Behringer FCB1010. Two of the buttons on the Behringer decided to crap out on me so it may be on the way out. Sometimes I use a Line 6 Variax Acoustic 700 but not really much anymore.

Lately I really have been trying to simplify and get rid of some gear, it’s nice to make things a bit more lean and push the limits of the few pedals that I have.

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  1. I just got a couple things to play around with this week that i’m very excited about… an old Yamaha QY20 sequencer and a Roland RC-50 loopstation. I plan to program a bunch of old-school digital-ey drumbeats into the QY, and sync it up with the loopstation. So far I have only taken ’em out of the box, nothing crazy happening yet.

  2. ok, so the Yamaha sequencer didn’t really end up working out very well, so that went back on eBay. An I just couldn’t get into the RC-50, so that went on eBay as well! FROWN TOWN

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