me with toyota celica race carJust in case this whole indie rock internet recording artist thing doesn’t work out, I joined the Sports Car Club of America— a baby step towards an illustrious auto racing career. So, no, I don’t really own a race car, yet. But I have big plans. Or, maybe just plans.

I got hooked on the whole driving fast thing back in high school, and got just as quickly unhooked when my friend Bill (in his ’88 1/2 Ford Escort) attempted to pass our friend George (in his ancient VW Rabbit) across a double yellow line (with me in the passenger seat) and proceeded to collide into a tree twice as wide as the car. It was a few months of us driving incredibly stupid on the back roads of Western Massachusetts but those days are long gone.

After quite a few years, I finally got the opportunity to legally drive at insane speeds at a Willow Springs raceway driving school back in May. And needless to say I got hooked, and it really sucks because racing cars is not cheap. I won’t be selling my Casio DG-10 digital guitar anytime soon, but maybe I will try to unload a few State Shirt shirts to fund this stupid endeavor.

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