So I’ve taken a little break from writing new songs and have been spending some time inside my race car. I’m really thankful that I have the opportunity to be able to have this crazy little hobby of driving way too fast. This past Sunday at Buttonwillow Raceway in lovely (not so lovely) Buttonwillow, California, I managed to qualify 8th out of 21 cars! And after a fun filled race complete with some white knuckle lap traffic passes, I managed to bring home my little red Miata in 5th place! Maybe, just maybe there is a chance that I’m not quite as terrible as I used to be. Here’s a video of the highlights:

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  1. Man, I would be so nervous about racing cars in real life. I’ve played enough Gran Turismo to know I’d probably end up dying in a fire. Even in cars that don’t explode.

  2. Speaking of Gran Turismo, after playing far too much of that game I kept looking up at the corner expecting to see a minimap with little dots racing around the course.

    Some of the corners look terrifying! I’m surprised you aren’t constantly screaming.

  3. @brian I actually bought some software to interact with my onboard data system… so drawing a map on the video isn’t that far off. Now if i can only get it to work.

    Instead of constantly screaming, I’m basically just constantly wetting my pants.

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