I got up this morning and had a new looping song idea pop into my head. Just put together this live looping video today. Every sound was recorded live, nothing prerecorded. Gear list below if you’re interested.  Also you love my unkempt hair. Maybe I should invest in a comb. Or some hats. Fancy hats.


You don’t own your song
You don’t own your melody
You don’t own your life

You can’t stand here
You can’t stand it

I’m not here to be your friend
I’m not here to be your enemy
I’m here to cause you pain
I’m here to keep you down

Looper: Circular Labs Mobius looping software on a MacBook Pro. Vocals: Line 6 DL4 » Strymon TimeLine. Keys: Wurlitzer 200A » Strymon El Capistan. Drum Machine: Roland TR-505 » Greenhouse Effects Retro Sky. MIDI: Behringer FCB1010.

Full disclosure for the other looper nerds out there: There is one edit I made in this video— I had a long keyboard solo in the middle of the song that ended up making the song way too long, so I ditched that part. You can hear the tail end of the keyboard solo at about the 4:10 mark. Everything else is as shown. 🙂

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  1. Bless you for your music. Frenemies is deeply touching. I cry every time I hear it. What a beautiful thing it is to be broken by these sounds.

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