Hi kids. So I finally did it. I have a blog. Apparently I am about 4 years behind the curve. So I guess I should “blog” about something. Well I was in the studio today. Unfortunately just a bit too cluttered in there to get a whole lot done. I’ve been rehearsing a bit for a show in April and managed to make a huge mess. I will attempt to wade through it over the next week or so to work on a SongFight.org song.

I’ve been pretty damn excited about all the radio play I’ve been getting lately… some pretty cool east coast stations have been playing Don’t Die. Including University of Hartford’s WSAM in West Hartford, CT, where I went to school for two years before dropping out. Also being played on WSKB in Westfield, MA, pretty close to my hometown.

That’s it for now. Emma says ‘hi’.

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