So I got to drive a nascar-style stock car around Irwindale speedway this weekend. ffff-ing shit! that was a ton of fun. no speedos in stock cars so I don’t exactly know my top speed. All I know is that I got around the 1/2 mile track in about 18 seconds per lap. I’m assuming there was a rev limiter on the car because it started to bog out at the end of the straightaway, but I certainly wasn’t able to physically drive much faster than I was. Felt like I was headed straight for the wall a couple times. Apparently they really do let you drive about as fast as you can go… someone in the group after me actually did end up crashing! Hope they paid the $75 for the optional insurance.

Here are some photos.

I think I’m so fucking cool:
i am cool

Ready to go:
State Shirt is ready to go

It was incredibly difficult to fit into this car. Very claustrophobic inside. Can’t turn your head, can barely see in front of you.
getting in the car

Too busy trying to hit my marks, never had a chance to look at the tach to see how high the RPMs were.
state shirt drives fast

I think this lap was the one that I really thought I was gonna crash:
state shirt drives faster

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