i’m about to leave the house (it’s not our house) and start walking into the parking lot towards my car, and I have this annoying guy on my back. I walk out the door with him on my back and finally I’m able to shake him off. It starts raining. I turn around to go back to the house and find that the other door to the house had been left wide open by someone. I walked to the back yard garage area and opened the door, and Emma was locked back there. I gave her a pet and was glad she was there. I realized that Edison must have gotten out of the house. I saw him in the distance, at the bottom of a large hill covered with leaves and trees in the backyard, he was right next to a busy street. I was relieved to see that he hadn’t traveled far, I knew he was smart enough not to stray too far, and smart enough not to run into the street. I called to him and he ran up the hill to me, and I started crying. I was so happy that he was back with me. I went into the house and called my mom to express how angry I was that someone had left the door open. She responded but didn’t make any sense, “I think I was dreaming. It’s not 9pm it’s just before 6am.”

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