When you’re inspired to create something, and there is some mental roadblock keeping you from executing on your inspiration, I’ve always found it’s helpful to simplify. Reduce the number of options to you. Force yourself to create something with just a handful of tools. Or just one tool. Just one color. One instrument. One theme. And it’s helpful to have a unmovable deadline, forcing you to make creative decisions quickly. Looking back, some of my songs that I like the most were written and recorded in one or two days.

I knew I wanted to write something today. So I turned to one of the best sites to give you instant inspiration and force you to make creative musical decisions quickly—SongFight! They give you a title, and one week to write and record a song. No prizes, other than knowing that you just created something. It’s been a while since I entered the ring, so let’s get this shit started. This week’s fight title is “Bitter Monday”.

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Make sure to check out all of the songs in the fight and vote for your fave.


Sunday was your favorite
the smells of the ocean
the swells of the sea
cascading over the sand
when the light began to fade
you knew it was over

high above,
Sunday will live on.

you never followed your heart
it burned through your soul
you believed what they said
that you wouldn’t amount to anything
one simple thing
kept you down all these years.


For the gear nerds:

Lead vocals: Audix OM7 mic. Backing vocals: Shure SM7b. Vocal effects: Line 6 Pod Farm Analog Delay w/Mod » Strymon BigSky Reverberator. Keys: Wurlitzer 200a » Strymon BigSky.

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