You send me audio. I remix and sing. Together we make an album.

After a little time off I’ve finally been able to spend some time in the studio with all of the amazing samples and audio tracks that everyone has sent to me. Here is a new track for my Creative Commons collaboration album Sounds Like You.

All of the audio (except vocals) has been provided by a group of great musicians and sound creators. I chopped up, remixed, and mangled their samples to create my new track, titled “Teardown”.

Teardownsteal STEAL

Here’s who you’re hearing along with their original unmodified audio sample(s):

David Patrikios – drums  
Brian Page – drums  
Chris Fudurich – drum loop  
James Santiago – guitar  
Tim Godwin – acoustic guitar  
Eric Pokorny – acoustic guitar  
Dan Friel – noises  
Jon Eric – noises  
Chris T. – bass  

Get more info about the collaboration album and how you can get involved.


pieces are found, they’ll never go away
i need to know if you are going with him
i’ll take your grief, if you just calm down for a while.
you need to start all over in a small shit town!

we are all afraid of nothing real
it’s just a place for you to feel
all of the people you love go away until it starts again.

i’ll flip the car, the road will be the best part now.
crashing again, this time it’s much too broke to fix
i don’t know where i end and you begin.
you are a wall my soul just can’t get over!

look around, see the faces
keep eyes closed, don’t be erased.
look around, see your face

you can be somebody else. tear down the walls!

creative commons collaboration

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