So I spent the couple days brushing up on my nerd skills, converting my old table-based website into a completely CSS site, learning some PHP and using WordPress to drive the whole thing. I really have avoided learning any new web stuff for the last 5 or so years, so the last two days has been a crash course in stuff I never thought I would care about… mod_rewrite, .htaccess files, php includes… But I’m sure in a few days I will forget everything I have learned.

When I get in strange funks where I don’t do any recording or songwriting, I end up doing completely random stuff like web coding or working on my buick. Unfortunately that won’t really help me get my new EP finished by the summer… I better get off my ass.

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  1. Dear Mr. StateShirt,

    I recently came across really cool Web site where one could place orders for magnets. It had a neat shopping cart built in to it. I was wondering if you developed that there shopping cart, or if it came with the security certificate? I’ve never set anything up like that before, so I was curious.

    Thank you,


  2. what up b-money! i used oscommerce for that! its open source, kind of a pain in the ass but it works! i used geotrust for the certificate, it is $200/yr, about the least expensive out there.


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