All State Shirt songs are open source. Grab the source files and make some remixes.

Make sure to send me a link to your remix on SoundCloud or ccMixter when you’ve done a remix! Would love to hear it.

Creative Commons LicenseState Shirt tracks are licensed via a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution ShareAlike license, so when sharing your creation with others, all you’ll need to do is mention ‘State Shirt’, the song title, and a link to my website in the credits. License details here.

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Source Files

All of the audio source files for my songs are available here. This includes every instrument, loop and vocal track. I will be adding source files for more songs too. Feel free to grab these and make remixes!

Let’s Get Bloody

SongSource FilesNational FeltMP3 source (156MB) – WAV source (297MB)The Road to HanaMP3 source (128MB) – WAV source (367MB)Suffer SomedayMP3 source (107MB) – WAV source (350MB)Please StopMP3 source (48MB) – WAV source (172MB)


This is Old

SongSource FilesThis is OldMP3 source (28MB) – FLAC source (80MB) – WAV source (141MB)Time to GoMP3 source (33MB) – FLAC source (112MB) – WAV source (184MB)Fell Out of the SkyMP3 source (28MB) – FLAC source (106MB) – WAV source (191MB)ComputerMP3 source (31MB) – FLAC source (98MB) – WAV source (171MB)Up Up Up Up UpMP3 source (24MB) – FLAC source (76MB) – WAV source (136MB)I Hate CaliforniaMP3 source (36MB) – FLAC source (115MB) – WAV source (199MB)So WeirdMP3 source (25MB) – FLAC source (80MB) – WAV source (145MB)Chemma ChiMP3 source (15MB) – FLAC source (51MB) – WAV source (90MB)Hospital HillMP3 source (37MB) – FLAC source (110MB) – WAV source (197MB)Conway Station RoadMP3 source (13MB) – FLAC source (36MB) – WAV source (76MB)


Don’t Die

SongSource FilesLife isn’t EverythingMP3 source (44MB) – FLAC source (142MB) – WAV source (237MB)Edison’s MedicineMP3 source (39MB) – FLAC source (119MB) – WAV source (202MB)Don’t DieMP3 source (30MB) – FLAC source (94MB) – WAV source (182MB)


More stuff

SongSource FilesKeep CalmMP3 source (7MB) – WAV source (48MB)61 WaysMP3 source (18MB) – WAV source (81MB)


Unfinished Songs

Here are a few songs I wasn’t able to complete. Why don’t you grab some of the source files below and finish one of these for me? Or remix to your hearts content.

SongSource FilesDouble TakeMP3 source (50MB) – WAV source (235MB)Maya Death TrapMP3 source (31MB) – WAV source (141MB)When it SnowedMP3 source (28MB) – WAV source (120MB)